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How To Iron A Dress Shirt: Basic Guide To Men

There are some basic skills that every man must master-independent. One of them is how to spend a dress shirt. Or do you depend on your whole life the wife/mother/waitress?

The good news is that it is much simpler than many men think. Don’t believe me? You will change your mind after seeing this Basic Guide that I’ve prepared to help readers of El Hombre in this endeavor.

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Street Style of Paris Fashion Week: Summer Looks in The Autumn

Autumn has arrived but in Paris It is more typical of summer temperatures. If the guests more fashion parades had prepared their bags with winter garments, they will have to make an extra visit to the showroom of its brands preferred in the French city to choose summer outfits. T-shirts and shorts they are normal these days although some as Olivia Palermo It refuses to put aside the autumn clothes. Continue reading

It Is Possible to Wear a Shirt of Pictures and Be Original?

I think so. Although the checked shirts they take several seasons of fashion. That is good news because all have any other pictures shirt in the closet that we can return to rescue to look this season, but on the other hand, we are rather tired already see them. Best to renovate outfits, and combine the same shirt as always in a different way so that it does not appear that we will always equal. Continue reading

Women’s Shirt Styles Guide

Regardless of the ever-evolving fashion trends you can always look fresh and up to date with the classic women’s clothes in her wardrobe. Ladies’ shirt is among the necessary clothes in the wardrobe of women. White shirt remains a classic because you can wear it with almost anything. White shirt with formal trousers great idea for office, and white shirt with jeans ideal for days over the weekend. Continue reading

I Said You Said Forever, Whatever.

Although I posted the look on Lookbook yesterday, I didn’t do this from lack of time to present him on my blog. Some of you have noticed maybe, that I am zZ not in Cologne, but in Hamburg. MyHudson invited me to an event with some other bloggers that I also will report soon!

The look I can tell that I was in this lift dome in the city with my friend and he was so sweet to take pictures of me 🙂
The paint pants I love currently hot and intimately and she might attract every day as well as the shoes with which I was then ultimately approximately 10 hours on the road, had foot pain while at the end of the day, but none that I could get by flat shoes – I am not dead so. The shoes have also passed this test – perfect! Continue reading

I Call the Spring. 5 Tips for Spring Fever in the Winter of April

I tell you something how I start my day now every day.

I look out the window in the morning out, get directly bad mood and want to cry.

My mood is located somewhere between tired and desperate.

The snow will not melt easily and I can see my winter jackets slowly anymore.

Hereby I make it official:

I call the spring.

And now.


Well, a demo would probably bring much else I know rather little methods to influence the weather, and to still get what I want, I have some ideas invade me, as I myself spring dress without freezing. After all, something!

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How to Wear a White Shirt Man

That’s one of the arguments which more questioning me and maybe my friends, all women in general: a leader can buy a thousand faces and be worn more than once? I know girls who buy a dress every week to constantly come out with a new boss to show off. Madness. Just as I always say, a bit ‘of creativity to re-evaluate and change the “face” to our clothes. The keystone is NOT THROW NOTHING EVER VIA. Our closet so in time it will become a real fashion archive. But now we go to practice. Today we will see together as a simple man’s white shirt can be worn by and construed in 5 different ways.

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Men’s Polo Shirts on Sale

Stuffy? Never! They were stuffy, but now they are again cool: the polo shirts. Whether for leisure or for the office: men’s polo shirts are versatile and great to combine. Long they are seen not only in tennis or golf, but also in the leisure, men’s polo shirts are becoming increasingly popular. As a cool alternative to the ordinary business shirts, they bring variety to your daily life.

Numerous brands are presented in online shop here.


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