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Miroslava Duma, Delpozo Tea I Choose You!

It is the Queen of the street style and not there is parade, event or party that boasts that it does not have its presence – with the consequent flood of photographers who vie for a snapshot of her outfit of the day. The surprise comes when Miroslava Duma, Member of the Russian fashion pack, decides to attend the Paris fashion week not with one, if not with two belonging to the firm looks more promising than the last few years, Delpozo Spanish. Continue reading

The Male Thong

The thong, that piece of intimate fashion, also male, that his anger had a season but he already is not spoken. Those who already are like crazy giving the mouse to comment that it is only for very marked man stereotypes, still!. Do not be gullible of ideas because the male thong today used without prejudice. This post and the contributions of how and when to take it, going by them. Continue reading

Want to Be The Coolest Place? Take a Look at Them and Triumphs

Today you succeed like popcorn. There are days when you do not know why but you feel inspired and create a style that you know for certain that you will probably all over the world. Call it attitude, uploaded Guapo or the alignment of planets, but your style cool so much that not want the day to end. And that’s what I thought when seeing these looks: they have many days like these, but we can also have it inspiration from them. Continue reading

Thousand Ways to Interpret a Pantsuit

There are many jobs, so there are times that a styling works for one and not for others. And if yours is the World of fashion and you want to give another interpretation to the famous pantsuit It is best to look at these bloggers and fashion insiders to make yourself succeed every day. Some are classic and simple than others, but the truth is that all of them exude style at every step. Continue reading

Are Jogging Suits in Style

Adolescence as if you were there… Jogging is back!

We thought it was corny, old-fashioned, reserved for the gym… It is nothing! Jogging is now doing to the city and even with heels is it you please! You still doubt? Don’t worry, here are tips to wear.

Melanie Chisholm (aka sporty Spice) of the famous British band the Spice Girls girls was fan, just like Britney Spears fan of the whole duck blue velvet. But today the jogging is more total look, especially not: it takes de-pa would.

Continue reading

Fashion Jeggings and Leggings

The jeggings

Is dedicated to a dedicated folder, you will find it by clicking here: the jean legging .

As a reminder, the jegging is this legging that mimics the jeans to perfection ! The pantyhose drawer offers a few basic models and a host of models fantasy including a version on polar inside for the cold winter days.

The Jegging is the leggings you can easily wear like pants. At the same time comfortable and breathable, try it to adopt! Continue reading

Discovered new to me: the dip dye-Jeans a la dries van Noten

Granted, I’m just a season too late. Too late, when it comes to dries van Noten. Too late, if you the term “dip dye“-denim on Google typing and too late, if you then look at, who already discovered the love to the jeans with gradient last year for himself. But honestly, I could start anything with exaggerated washes until recently – the aversion to artificial bleaching that just unnatural look was too strong. Continue reading