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Synchronized Swimming Bathing Suit

The 2012 Olympic Games abound at the rule, following a summer sports we always notice a resurgence of memberships in various disciplines. Here it comes to synchronized swimming. If you or your child want to get going, it’s a one-piece swimsuit to equip you. Sites like Decathlon sports equipment, Intersport or the category Sports Zalando site have a wide choice.

While the tests are held these days in London, Sara Labrousse and Chloé Willehlm French duo hope to pull out of the game in the face of the dominance of the Russia and the China. In France there are 20000 licensees, for the majority of women although men’s teams are multiplying Continue reading

Bathing Suit vs Shorts

Bathing suit or shorts? Hit that doubt in time to go to the beach or the pool and now you don’t know which one to choose? Don’t worry, this is normal between questioning the men. So, we decided to help you.

The two models are very welcome and create completely distinct styles. Everything will depend on your taste and acceptance of one’s own body. With the tips we talked about here, will be much easier to choose!

The first thing you should know is that there is no rule or obligation. The swimsuit and shorts can be used. Then, you can use any of the two without feeling tacky or feel you are out of fashion. Continue reading

Women’s One-Piece Swimuits & Monokinis

You will find a great variety of one-piece-including jumpsuits and body stockings.

Women's One-piece Swimsuit Cutout Accent Color Block Bandage Style Rayon Fabric

Trouser suit can be cool, casual and chic depending on how the styles. Select a model with waist or even add a belt to emphasize your figure. Select a loose model and add a pair of sneakers for a casualty look, or combine a trouser suit with a pair of stilettos and you’re ready for a city tour. You will find a wide range of models in a myriad of different materials, patterns and colors. You will find among other styles from brands such as Mads Nørgaard, Just Female, Coster Copenhagen, Lolly’s Laundery, Minimum, Modström and many more.

A body stocking is a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. Body stocking can be used as underwear, as stand-alone blouse or under other clothes. A body stocking highlights an athletic body types and can be combined in a myriad of ways and create many looks.

You will find body stockings in a myriad of colors, forms and models from brands such as, among other things, Fashion Style Converter, Black Lily, VILA, Karen By Simonsen and Oroblu.

Women's One-piece Swimsuit Cutout Accent Color Block Bandage Style Rayon Fabric

Beach Towels for Men

You may need a towel when take a beach vacation. A good towel is an important piece of accessories, and it is really nice to be dried properly. The has a range of accessories for men, and we have, of course, also towels. The towels can accompanied by a pair of swimming shorts or similar. A good beach towel can’t be too thick, while at the same time it must have a good absorbency. On wholesaleably, you will also find club towels, which can be used as a kind of flag. You can use them as a regular towel or hang up on your wall, when you want to select your affiliation to a club on the beach!

Microfiber Beach Towel

Come dry from the beach!

Remember that if you have any questions regarding the products or categories, you are always welcome to contact their customer service. You can even download more information about the product by clicking on wikipedia. If you are looking for other beach accessories, check out wholesaleably. Get your beach holiday ready with a wonderful towel now.

Bath Towel Bamboo Fiber