Sequined Party Dresses

The sequins are a very good fashion trend and a perfect way to wear them is with a cocktail dress or short dress. Great for a party or event that will be held in the evening, a way out with friends or a special event to attend, sequined dresses are very beautiful, sensual, elegant, attractive and glamorous for gorditas.

Can incorporate this fashion trend in your closet or wardrobe, whether smooth designs or designs with prints to look spectacular and sophisticated on any occasion. Then I leave you models of plus size sequin dresses from HOTICLE:

-Silver sequined dress: If you want a dress with sequins that does not pass never fashionable, the silver is the best choice. It is very attractive and easy to combine, it is a good color to wear in a festival that takes place in the evening. Combined with a pair of black heels and a hand of equal color portfolio and achieve a great look. You can add a lip to give a color escape.

-Dress with sequin print: Another great option to wear a short dress with sequins, is choosing for a beautiful print. Patterns provide you with color or life to dress and look super good in tight to the body and with long-sleeved dresses. So we encourage you to wear a dress with floral print and combined with a pair of shoes of neutral color or a color pattern.

-Gold sequined dress: The dorado is another ideal color for a night look. Not only is very trendy, but it also gives you a touch of elegance and glamour to your look. You can choose a monochromatic look and combined with a pair of high heel shoes or sandals by strips of the same color as the dress.

-Black dress with sequins: If you want a different look for an event or party not so formal, it is best that you choose a dress with a collar. Add some black stockings or some leggings and a pair of black shoes and a charming look that you can look at various events.

-White dress with sequins: White is another ideal color to wear a dress with sequins. You can choose by an all-white look, or combine your dress with accessories of another color. The combination of white and gold is a very good choice. This style of dress is very elegant, attractive and original at the same time.

The sequins are excellent for a night look. If you are not yet convinced, best of all is that you start by the classic colors and neutral colors such as silver or black. Although the colorful and prints also look super good. So we encourage you to wear this trend in your next look. What these dresses with sequins you like most?


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