Lady Dior Is Going to The Hamptons with His Bag, Bon Voyage, Marion Cotillard!

Of all the recent signings of famous that Dior It has made for joining them only I stay with the of Marion Cotillard, Jennifer Lawrence and Mila Kunis light years. Natalie Portman is also worth me as a clear yes, but she already takes longer to Dior. Marion Cotillard has class and the image that I ask him to Dior so its new campaign Lady Dior complies with the necessary.

Jean-Baptiste Mondino It is who gets behind the camera in the Hamptons to join in this image two scenes that are taken at two different times, and in which the action is too forced. Marion Cotillard forced position could have been improved.

The Lady Dior campaign continues moving to his beloved small tote bag all over the world. What will be the next stop?

Although I like to see to Marion Cotillard in static, I stay with her in this video from behind the campaign cameras.

I take this opportunity to remember the documentary that Dior has been giving us by stages:

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