Karl Lagerfeld Reta Hollande: Wealth and Wastage in The Campaign Chanel Resort 2013

I love everything that has to do with Marie-Antoinette y Karl Lagerfeld seems to agree with me. Likes to photograph to Vanessa Paradis on your discs, dressed in Chanel of course, in Versailles, present their collections in their gardens and immerse us in the dissolute life of a Princess with her head on a knife-edge and perhaps for this reason, enjoying life like no.

The 18th century and the French glory is my favorite time. Dream duels Knights, courtesans with their lovers trouble, bustos enhanced by corsets, hoops that hide the feats of the boring women of the Court and on all of them Marie-Antoinette.

Saskia de Brauw y Cara Delevingne they put a face to this dream of opulence and ostentation.

Like Karl to be contrary, I already warned him in the Chronicle to its parade, what a Socialist President comes to power? More I emperifollo I and my designs. He has proved it in recent statements saying that Hollande struck him a cretin (in other words).

Spending has been said! Or at least Mr. Lagerfeld says it.

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