How To Make Simple, Useful And Comfortable Women Pajamas

How to make woman pajamas, simple, useful and comfortable, interesting work that you carry out from the comfort of your home. It can be an easy job filled with new expectations. It’s making a garment to your liking in your free time, pajamas your way.

To perform this task you will have the freedom to have the opportunity to choose the design you want and at the same time save money. It is a very interesting work that will give you the opportunity to create simple but beautiful and comfortable pieces.

The Pajamas never go out of fashion, they are rather very provocative at bedtime, no matter if it’s a Pajama pants, short is always achieved comfort and sensuality, with these fabulous items.

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 How To Make Simple, Useful And Comfortable Women Pajamas

Today, here in this article we give you all the steps to give your cute Pajamas in the comfort of your home, with your own design and style.

Pajamas give a touch of sensuality at the time of going to sleep, also make you owner of a unique and special style.

The model that you create is quite simple and comfortable, that will be used at nights and if you prefer can be used at home all day or overnight.

A Sensual And Easy Design

The design is rather easy and practical, since it make a bodice with straps including style, neckline type v in the treetops. It takes others a cute bow on the front of the bust that gives a great touch and unique feminine detail.

In this article you can enjoy making this design classic and cool to be comfortable and have a pleasant rest.

How To Make Simple, Useful And Comfortable Women Pajamas



Measuring tape

Notebook and pen

Pajama pattern


Chalk or marker

Scissors with blades

Sewing machine




You Let’s we begin by taking measures, either for someone else or for you. In the event of it is for you start measuring your arm from the shoulder. Prepare a notebook of annotations and view pointing every detail in it.

Take the torso from shoulder length to slightly below the hip. Note the measurements in the notebook.Continuous measuring crotch, from the crotch to the heel.

Likewise, measure the width of the hip in the form of a belt, once finished take measures and make annotations you’ll be ready to know what quantity of materials will you use and get the design to your style.

 How To Make Simple, Useful And Comfortable Women Pajamas

Prepare everything that you are going to use, go to the store to buy materials according to what you have already planned. So maybe choose a pattern more or less to the measures that you have created; You can use the box as a guide back.

Then check your pattern to see if you’ll make top applications. See if your clothes need some accessories sewing such as zippers, elastic, Ribbon, buttons, or anything else.

Produces a pattern

First start by trimming pattern. Joint paper to fabric placed pins and begins to cut the fabric. Follow the pattern instructions. It is located a diagram; This will help you to take more advantage of the fabric and have less waste.Try to identify the pieces of fabric with the fabric chalk.

Then join the pieces of fabric with pins, use only the preferred seam allowance. Insert the thread on your sewing machine. He began the work of sewing the parts to splice with the details of design, continuous sewing the edges to make the fabric and on the inside, then turn the fabric.

Then place the elastic around the waist of the trousers and hand sew all the holes to seal them. Continue adding details to finish the holes for the buttons, since your design leads them built-in. Fold the pants and sleeves.

Using pins to control the length and starting to sew. It uses a higher point to determine the hem. The same will be done in the collar and pockets. Ready all this already have completed your beautiful creation.

Recommendations And Advice

To be able to make a Pajama you must know many of the procedure to create this Pajamas for ladies, we’d like to leave you with a few useful for making recommendations.

You must know what are the parts that are drawn in the pattern, to prevent against time and confusion when it comes to begin cutting and sewing parts which not are coupled to each other.

You must have order in order to maintain perfection. Start by organizing the materials and located a table where you can work with comfort and tranquility.

The pattern that you used in these articles is designed so you can adapt it to the fabric having at least twenty per cent of elasticity.

The same fabric used to make combinations both for the bodice to the panty of the pajamas.


Keep control of the machine to make sure the style of stitch and thread level, to know if it is ideal for the type of fabric. Measure yourself to the beat of the work pieces to be sure you are well. Remove the pins before try parts. It is important to use good quality scissors.

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