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Lady Dior Is Going to The Hamptons with His Bag, Bon Voyage, Marion Cotillard!

Of all the recent signings of famous that Dior It has made for joining them only I stay with the of Marion Cotillard, Jennifer Lawrence and Mila Kunis light years. Natalie Portman is also worth me as a clear yes, but she already takes longer to Dior. Marion Cotillard has class and the image that I ask him to Dior so its new campaign Lady Dior complies with the necessary. Continue reading

Karl Lagerfeld Reta Hollande: Wealth and Wastage in The Campaign Chanel Resort 2013

I love everything that has to do with Marie-Antoinette y Karl Lagerfeld seems to agree with me. Likes to photograph to Vanessa Paradis on your discs, dressed in Chanel of course, in Versailles, present their collections in their gardens and immerse us in the dissolute life of a Princess with her head on a knife-edge and perhaps for this reason, enjoying life like no. Continue reading

Sequined Party Dresses

The sequins are a very good fashion trend and a perfect way to wear them is with a cocktail dress or short dress. Great for a party or event that will be held in the evening, a way out with friends or a special event to attend, sequined dresses are very beautiful, sensual, elegant, attractive and glamorous for gorditas.

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