Monthly Archives: June 2017

Autumn Cake

Who said that the? pastel shades were they booked for the summer season? Weather stations were eliminated, autumn you can eat sweet cake and the summer dress in more muted tones. The shelters are reluctant to forget past trends and passion for tones as the Mint leave us good ideas for the Street looks. Continue reading

Finally You Have Your Poncho, But You Don’t Know How to Wear It, Inspired by The Blogger More Expert

We have already spoken it thousand times. Thanks to Burberry and to all the celebrities who wear your capa-manta custom since August!, ponchos and blankets they have invaded the stores low-cost. There are thousand possibilities and different prices, so all we can do with this tendency to fall. The problem is how does look it? How do I take my poncho? To find ideas, nothing better than to resort to the blog of My daily style, carrying poncho much until it became fashionable. Continue reading

Pregnant and Not Knowing How to Dress?, Blog Could I Have That Is Your Salvation

Being pregnant and not having the wardrobe of Miroslava Duma can be an Odyssey. Or not. It is clear that the it girl is all an expert in what fashion maternity refers, but not only her or Coco Rocha expecting a baby. Finished eating the head when it comes to dress, maternity clothes are over within a few months will die in the closet, Could I have that blog? It is your salvation. Continue reading

The Hope Is Represented in Green, and Street Cry Welcomes It

They say that the Green is the color of hope, and the truth is that the possibilities for this they are endless: military green, pistachio, mint, Parrot… There are so many options that we can be hopeful for the rest of today. And if you don’t believe it, you just need to echesuna look at the looks of today: it seems that during the Fashion weeks the hope has been present at all times. Continue reading

The Street Wears Color Burgundy

Each season there are shades that you stand out above the rest. And it has been reaching the autumn and one color predominates on the streets around the world: Garnet Burgundy. This so flattering tone returns () again… And with great force. Whether based on total looks, combined with other shades or add-ins, this color promises to be the protagonist and accompany you during the entire season. Continue reading