Monthly Archives: April 2017

Street Style from New York Fashion Week: The Roost of The Russian

The New York fashion week continues, and with it the looks of the celebrities who attend the catwalks to see proposals for designers. Some of the outfits riskier than others, but we have to bear in mind that almost all attendees are dedicated to the the fashion industry and therefore the garments that they choose in their day to day. The intense cold conditions fairly, that we have seen many garments of skin and large coats. Continue reading

Street Style from New York Fashion Week: Snow in Manhattan

The New York fashion week has already started and the “it girls” around the world are concentrated in the Big Apple to show off their finery and attend the parades of the most prestigious such as designers Diane Von Fustenberg, Delpozo or Thakoon. Jared could not miss such an event by which has traveled to Manhattan to capture the best looks of the moment, although the snow seems to challenge photographers and not to fall over the beautiful city. Continue reading

The Male Thong

The thong, that piece of intimate fashion, also male, that his anger had a season but he already is not spoken. Those who already are like crazy giving the mouse to comment that it is only for very marked man stereotypes, still!. Do not be gullible of ideas because the male thong today used without prejudice. This post and the contributions of how and when to take it, going by them. Continue reading

Want to Be The Coolest Place? Take a Look at Them and Triumphs

Today you succeed like popcorn. There are days when you do not know why but you feel inspired and create a style that you know for certain that you will probably all over the world. Call it attitude, uploaded Guapo or the alignment of planets, but your style cool so much that not want the day to end. And that’s what I thought when seeing these looks: they have many days like these, but we can also have it inspiration from them. Continue reading