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Us Is Today So After: ZARA TRF for May

There I’ve wailed last week so, that the selection of vertical stripes in various online stores is so limited and already I can look like two birds with one stone: to the one I have may have a closer look into the wardrobe my dear OMI and actually came across on an ancient Lacoste shirt with blue stripes, short arms and white collar in the comes my favorite oversized look and on the other hand , and that should help you in particular, has a fancy shirt for us these days Zara TRF. Continue reading

Frontline Shop Look Book Autumn/Winter 2012

So properly, we may actually not even look at the trends and lookbooks for winter, because not even the summer wants to Yes really come out of the slippers. Good but nothing, nothing good – because the brands are already completely arrived in the frosty season and we can of course don’t deprive your result you.

After has put together such excellent looks us for the summer, we take a closer look at the H/W styles. And what happens? We fall in love we head over and first of all in the bright red hair of beautiful models. Long, and always early in the winter season, I thinking, also fit my hair to the foliage and dive in deep red. So far left me the courage and the big worry, that grow out the color looks rather less well, kept me prior to staining. Maybe should I be but let’s headless and thinking about the first weeks of the color intensity? In the winter anyway, the subject is inevitably again put on the table – to pale skin, the bright sound like namely particularly well. Continue reading

Magazine Goes Into The Third Round With “I Am The What I Am“

Heart projects are usually only so really happy if other great delight, when months of work, nights around the ears hit and much welding at some point encounter appeal. Can a long low period have also motivated, but we fool ourselves, phases of high let us uproot trees.

How good that’s not even came with œ magazine to long losing streaks, especially because their readers were captivated by the first issue’s. Galt’s only hard-working helpers of the printwerk from the forge arne eberles to convince and already a new, visual feast could be produced output for output: Continue reading

In Love With: Leopard Pattern & Baby Blue

I could defend myself against the recurring Leopardenprints Lange. Although, I have purchased a model from the House himself in last year, so far but also only at most two times running. Zebra stripes here, Cheetah there and Leo patterns everywhere. That animal prints could consider me however twice as captivated as at Karla Spetics newest throw, I thought not possible:

Of course combined with the wild print the Australian designer of delicate blue and pastel tones and also indicates that even a Leo-allover-look quite wonderful works and looks exceptionally times not ghastly. Neither cheap still cluttered the designs from down under come along and I’m convinced – at least of their Lookbook images. Continue reading

The Avant / Guard Of Diaries: Fashion Journalist Diane Pernet In The Interview With Designer Bruno Pieters

The Modejounalistin Diane Pernet is known as small rebel in the big, wide world of fashion. A courageous rebuttal to humdrum fashion Hounds in the coveted front row of any fashion show. Her Shaded Black raises look every time’s new views of themselves and at least her smoky voice foreshadows that this woman is simply different. Unlike refreshment. A visionary that is at home in the Paris fashion circus and not just blindly enchanted by the hustle and bustle. Continue reading

Synchronized Swimming Bathing Suit

The 2012 Olympic Games abound at the rule, following a summer sports we always notice a resurgence of memberships in various disciplines. Here it comes to synchronized swimming. If you or your child want to get going, it’s a one-piece swimsuit to equip you. Sites like Decathlon sports equipment, Intersport or the category Sports Zalando site have a wide choice.

While the tests are held these days in London, Sara Labrousse and Chloé Willehlm French duo hope to pull out of the game in the face of the dominance of the Russia and the China. In France there are 20000 licensees, for the majority of women although men’s teams are multiplying Continue reading

News from the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin – the Designer List

There not keep up exceptionally for a day on the computer, already flutter first news at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in the mailbox. Online registration is now in session and also first news were made known to the designers list: in addition to many newcomers, young designers and this year Turkish representatives, we miss quite schmerzlichst: Hien Le, Malaika Raiss, Wood Wood, Vladimir Karaleev Pereet Schaad and Lala Berlin!

What’s going on? Our loved ones not in the tent? Hard, we hope that the Favorites picked out an off-location is or even something completely different plan. Anything else would be unspeakably bad. Continue reading

New finsihed: the Zalando Collection Goes into Its Second Round.

After a successful start in January 2012 and a neat promo Sachdeva, the Pop-Up store in the Weinmeisterstrabe, goes the Zalando collection under the guidance of Clarissa Labin in the second round and served us as two lines, which can get her since yesterday in the inimitable Zalando world. Screaming postman, the fashionable response to Amazon, the one or the other shoe bargains or of course the free Ruckversandt – ghosts in our mind a lot of associations. A but you have the shoe apparel accessory-, and since recently, furniture giant but leave: the collection is a successful response to trends and a lower-cost alternatives to expensive brands. Continue reading

Bathing Suit vs Shorts

Bathing suit or shorts? Hit that doubt in time to go to the beach or the pool and now you don’t know which one to choose? Don’t worry, this is normal between questioning the men. So, we decided to help you.

The two models are very welcome and create completely distinct styles. Everything will depend on your taste and acceptance of one’s own body. With the tips we talked about here, will be much easier to choose!

The first thing you should know is that there is no rule or obligation. The swimsuit and shorts can be used. Then, you can use any of the two without feeling tacky or feel you are out of fashion. Continue reading

Recap: Weekday Pre Shopping – 5 New Brands And A New Mtwtfss Collection!

Yesterday evening it was: the announced 5 new brands in the wonderful world of weekday stormed the “new Schonhauser“ -branch. Well, not quite, because the collection of Christopher Lemaire, our main favourite, not pre shopping arrived and is expected to first spin in the next few days.

Rodebjer we find the same on two rods, waits with a collection of some pretty dark on us, some Curry notes and floral prints and could be circumstances a bit in the background, if the fuchsige buyer is not particularly looking after the fire. Also Ann Sofie back be adorn with black pieces, with much lace, gray sweater and a cream-colored short Turtleneck – somewhere in between their metallic bag collection flashes however, which again has succeeded in changing blue-green and silver, to catch our attention. Also Örjan Andersson arises not flashy, but offers four jeans pants models available, which could further increase inventory casual wardrobe and want to score points with super seat weekday. We have dedicated Cedric Jacquemyn unfortunately less attention, the dimensions in the store wanted to whether too little move the heat and made it more difficult coming through to the men’s collection. Continue reading

Are Jogging Suits in Style

Adolescence as if you were there… Jogging is back!

We thought it was corny, old-fashioned, reserved for the gym… It is nothing! Jogging is now doing to the city and even with heels is it you please! You still doubt? Don’t worry, here are tips to wear.

Melanie Chisholm (aka sporty Spice) of the famous British band the Spice Girls girls was fan, just like Britney Spears fan of the whole duck blue velvet. But today the jogging is more total look, especially not: it takes de-pa would.

Continue reading

Dress Exchange Party For A Good Cause: The Skyy Swap Market Enters The Next Round

Morning has arrived: the Skyy swap market goes into the next round, loads to the swapping and celebrate an and promises the greatest Vintagefunde and niegelnagelneue designer pieces. Yes, the designer Scouts have this time you can not rags and bloated as some projects want to pieces tomorrow night to swap it or buy.

Of the party are saying this year: Liebig, Unrath & Strano, MalaikaRaiss, Laurel, Franzius, by Bardonitz, JULIAANDBEN, Blacky dress, Holy Ghost, Escada sport, Esther Perbandt, intellectual leisure, pieces from the House of MONKI and weekday, and many more. But also 12 blogger, among others we were brought into the boat and give the charity a few new pieces.  Continue reading

How to Sew Skirt for Beginners

A slit can be something as intractable, and insist very strongly on that s out in the world, when you want it to lie smooth into the rest of the fabric in your skirt, jacket, sleeve, dress or whatever you have sewn.

Such Ropes have been exposed to a slit, and it has gotten her to write to my sew-mail box and asking for a piece of advice from a bulging slit in the skirt.

I have a couple of pieces, and the ones you get served, if you read further.

First of all, so that is one of the most crucial factors for that thing to succeed, something as simple as … tadaaa … exercise . Continue reading