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I Said You Said Forever, Whatever.

Although I posted the look on Lookbook yesterday, I didn’t do this from lack of time to present him on my blog. Some of you have noticed maybe, that I am zZ not in Cologne, but in Hamburg. MyHudson invited me to an event with some other bloggers that I also will report soon!

The look I can tell that I was in this lift dome in the city with my friend and he was so sweet to take pictures of me 🙂
The paint pants I love currently hot and intimately and she might attract every day as well as the shoes with which I was then ultimately approximately 10 hours on the road, had foot pain while at the end of the day, but none that I could get by flat shoes – I am not dead so. The shoes have also passed this test – perfect! Continue reading

Outfit: Cozy Autumn

I have to admit, that me the weather news and irritated me even a little it bothers.

I want to complain so actually now really about summer temperatures, but this mess makes me confused. I like it like a season to adjust to me.

In the autumn, when the first leaves from the trees fall and leaves is again turned on the road, there I’ll again comfortable and really feel at home. I bake again more often and drink a cup of tea in the evening before going to sleep. I date less out there, better inside and slowly get my winter coats and-pullis again. I start me on Halloween and Christmas to look forward and plan rather common DVD evenings and food, instead of celebrating in stuffy clubs. Yes, I look forward to days that I fully spend in bed, without having the feeling that something very great escapes me. But, the next day it will surely again colder – I’m already on my autumn and freeze again on my looks must 🙂 Continue reading

Outfit: Something in Between.

May I introduce you? This is my favorite poncho.

I have bought this wonderful piece (unfortunately) last year at H & M, fell instantly in love, and from then on we were inseparable.

A poncho is bound together as Cardigan (and here), a ceiling, or as a scarf a wonderful invention, because whether in his actual function, when it is once again far too cold at the University. An investment in one of worth in many respects and so punctually to the cooler temperatures, I get again him out- Continue reading

Myhudson Blogger Event

As some of you know, I was invited along with some other bloggers (Linda, Ricarda, Franzi, Nilam and Marie) not too long ago by Myhudson to Hamburg.

I must admit I really had no idea what should expect me there.

Although I knew Hudson pantyhose brand, but what should happen right now there, I didn’t know that. Not yet.

That should change quickly… 🙂

So, the event took place in the warehouse district. Continue reading

Outfit: Have a Love Affair with the Sun and a Romance with the Moon.

The one or other has seen the outfit on my Instagram.

A few days ago I went to shopping and because I liked the outfit so much, I decided to directly it also times to scan 🙂

It is simply just “simple” and perfect for the autumn 🙂

I think, what makes this look is just the fact no part stands out particularly, but it all are in principle basics, resulting together just a good combo.

I do not know whether it is noticed, but post lately and I shoot more “normal” or tragbarere, less experimental looks than in the past. Continue reading

Outfit: “So This Is What You Call Classy?”

I was down somehow just right for this look and have preferred so quickly it, because I love every single part of this look!

Am out of his pants I currently not out think ahead, but that’s nothing new. Always when I should decide for it to create me a more jeans, I’m wearing her first hundred years: D

I find the blouse extremely exciting and even somewhere else – in particular because it has a zipper back also!

By the way, I own only 2 black Blazer. A warm and a light.

This one is just so perfect, that I never thought “I’d need a Blazer still…”

He has hot shoulders, is pretty tight, has the perfect length, and for the next time from my closet out think ahead 🙂 no longer Continue reading

The Key to My Heart.

Because my power supply yesterday morning is broken, I could post any pictures unfortunately. Now I’m sitting here in the University with my new power supply, edit images, am rather semi concentrated, but full of anticipation, because I’m just going to Berlin!

The outfit:
Can you remember at the post, where I by Vintagetaschen (-boxes) have raved?
At a flea market, I could get hold of this great part: an old box, whose original function using now is not entirely conclusive. Continue reading

Outfit: Spend Time with Family and Friends

DE: Hardly, this is a beautiful sweater arrived, I wanted to show you also direct him.
I developed this tendency to cozy Chillerlooks because I’m now somewhat lazy to go out in the cold. The outfit is nothing special as such, it is really an everyday outfit that I’m wearing on the road, when I go shopping or simply meet with friends.
The leggings by the way so is a favorite and is, loaned out as more recently, I’ve noticed also always very happy by my friends. So meet two favorite parts in an outfit and I feel poodle it is – unlike Maley, by the way, I wanted to have but necessarily with the screen. Geil he couldn’t find it, but I bet you would have laughed you like purple, with one hand holding the camera with the other hand toys wedelnd to Maleys pandered attention, therefore, there are a few making-offs between 🙂 Continue reading

Ruckblick: 2012 Outfits

DE: …Und again the year is around…
Hard to believe that I started just 1.5 years ago really to blog about fashion. Much has happened in the meantime, not only, but mostly on my head.
I am travelled a lot, met fantastic people and others (have to) let go. There were wonderful surprises, but unfortunately also big disappointments. A lot can happen really in a year – as far as I know. A year ago I made me, that my 23tes will be the best year of life, the I up to date experienced have – it worked, even if it was a real battle in between, but I somehow found myself, inwardly tranquil and now I want to deal with 2013 this, this “I” and also that “We” continue to expand.
Now that I look back so, I was never been so optimistic, what came on my future, thanks to you (thanks to you..).
Continue reading

Outfit: Welcome to Wtal.

DE: Well, is it really? This look is for once not somewhere originated in Cologne, but in Wuppertal, and thus you have a picture of it even as I also sometimes show up in the University.

I have my favorite classmates (or several) to get a picture of me forced and now know that it is not the last time will be that I put him behind the camera (in agreement).

Accordingly, this look is rather simple – at least for me, because in college I will stared at frequently as I would not be out of this world! Yes, it’s already something else than in Cologne… Continue reading

Outfit: What A Classy B

Dress, parka, ring: romwe | belt: uo | Necklace (used as bracelet): choies | Boots: choies | Necklace: h & m | Beanie: hyperactive/Koukou | ring: choies |

Thank you so MUCH for taking these wonderful pictures Jana van de Boldt!!!!

DE: The classic leather dress.

I me really the head broke as I could combine the dress because the problem was not that nothing occurred to me, but in fact, that there were too many opportunities.

Classic with a fancy tights and ankle boots? Continue reading