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Dries Van Noten – Spring Wire D / T 2014

Between b tone the urban rugosit and Palisades dor gold leaf, the d cor of the Dries Van Noten pr show feels this Wednesday the Halle Freyssinet pr was wonder the sublime dualit of the season’s locker room…


To develop his spring collection / t 2014, Dries Van Noten has fed his imagination with a panel of influences: t roclites, between floral patterns of the 19th if key d covered during his research for his future exhibition at the Museum of the Arts of decorative, technical craft coming directly from the Byzantine Empire, dyed in the dark of the paintings of Goya Spanish glamour and opposition between wealth bauche and Matt Hardy materials.

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Balenciaga – Spring Wire D / T 2014

PR feels e this Thursday, 26 September, at the heart of the Paris Observatory, the second I collection of Alexander Wang at Balenciaga tribute once more to the founder of the claw, while distilling a suave sportswear energy…


For the 2014 t, Alexander Wang continues to explore the archives of the Parisian brand, while trying to instill a certain casualness to the ch lines res Cristobal Balenciaga. This desire to pure sportswear, the young designer d clare have wanting to involve the idea of composition, suite d the discovery of photos of old clothes found s on the sand.
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Isabel Marant – Spring Wire D / T 2014

For his spring collection / t 2014, Isabel Marant updates his classics while corsant the allure of its “beach girls” shots of slate leather and jeans effiloch s…


In order to spice up the look of its eternal “boho girl”, Isabel Marant chooses this season rock/dark fragrance versus spontaneous romance. Opposition cr Matt creative occur via t lescopages between leather r glide and d bauche girly details…

The woman Isabel Marant:

the cool time and kindly boh me, the DNA of the woman Isabel Marant tends to freeze the seasons. On Friday, it was once again this casually sexy city and borrowing some of the basics of the menswear d fila on the podium than you’ll find soon on the racks of H & M.

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D Wire Saint Laurent – Spring / t 2014

For the third me stupid times Executive, it is within the Grand Palais Hedi Slimane chooses to present his Saint Laurent collection. A collection for androgynous teenager r before the heyday of the Palace, while displaying a t made for rockabilly look go…



As in the last d wire Saint Laurent, Hedi Slimane seems intended his collection to the beautiful rebels occupying his “Diary”. For the 2014 t, empower who managed r s rangers aupr port of gent fashion summons so eighties, aesthetic tick punk rock dynamics and tailoring House.

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North West, Pampers RC Creators

The daughter of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian can already four months only, and already boast of being at the centre of attention of the fashion sphere…

In the middle of the showbiz, the child is more that never consider r as the mirror to the success of his parents, luxury brands are constantly looking for any ‘it’ baby dress up time. Touching micro coat hangers, they are in fact the subject of attention on the part of the brands, which hope to place their products prominently in the columns of the ds tablo.

The opportunity of the arrival of Kim Kardashian and Kayne West fashion Week in Paris, some houses don’t have thus not sit: make it rain moult high range on the North small gifts. Knowing the propensity of mother of the int interested e leave objectives capture every second of his life private, the marks could make a better placement… Continue reading

Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton: the Balance Sheet

After 16 years of loyal service at Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs today draws its r v Conference. Overview of what we remember of the passage of the American am designer in the legendary French House…

Since the arrival of Marc Jacobs at Vuitton in 1997, the brand doubled its turnover every five years. Louis Vuitton now provides 40% of the profitability of the LVMH group.
S D d hand, the designer opted for a college coll creation mode: “my process of creating na t of the constant changes within a team”.
In his campaign, the thread s d r Louis Vuitton is mu rent in real shows, including corns rivalis rent of daring year after d s ann e. We remember especially the incoming station steam locomotive, the Carousel giant for big girls mod the or the hotel lobby served by four lifts.
He offered Louis Vuitton bail arty by inviting contemporary artists revisit the famous monogram. Stephen Sprouse,Takashi Murakami, Richard Prince, then Yayoi Kusama disruptive so the leather goods House, which they automatically increase system sales.

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Louis Vuitton – Spring Wire D / t 2014

Using the horns Louis Vuitton highlights d and by covering them with a monochrome lacquer, Marc Jacobs offered his last show a picture rail poustouflante, the height of the clat dark of his ultimate collection for the House in Paris…


For its last d wire at Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs chooses to make tribute the allure of his muses (Barbara, dith Piaf, Rei Kawakubo, Liza Minelli, Lady Gaga, Coco Chanel and Juliette Gr co), sprinkling his show of an urban energy New York s tr

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Heimstone is the small brand that rises, the name is pronounced with envy thinking of the romantic rock wardrobe proposed rue du Cherche-Midi. But it is also a sparkling duo of young designers pretend to have doped female unconscious, as their designs are in line with our fashion fantasies…

Dolce & Gabbana, the brothers Bitton (Iro), Proenza Schouler… the binomial method often proves to be a winning combination. So it will now add to this list of designers Delphine Delafon names and Alix Petit, instigators of this famous Heimstone claw which is already much written. Continue reading