Zara Yellow Leather Jacket

Who often frequents the company, you will come across in the last hours in a yellow leather jacket signed by fashion brand low cost Spanish Zara. Everything is born of a mockery of those who wear that very brand Nail: they seem to be born many pages on Facebook to criticize precisely those who chose to buy it and also to wear it, because it is tamarro, from “Festival of the Sardine”, from” tanks in the center.” Wild Lucarelli was on the field for us and, wearing it brought the usual ironic post on Facebook.

Here’s what he wrote on Facebook posting his selfies with yellow nail Zara:

“I read that is full of fashion bloggers and various snobbette that schifano yellow nail Zara working with men who wear dress jackets (special pages were created) because” it is by tanks in the center “or” sardine “festival. Good. I went to buy it. (49,90 EUR, tie)”.

Wild Lucarelli does not use certain terms means to respond to the accusations of those who did not like the choice to wear the now famous yellow nail Zara:

“To the self-styled self-styled fashion blogger or influencer followed by 4 cats who continue to offend myself for wearing yellow nail Zara using vulgar and varied epithets, I explain a little something on the fly: I work and time because at 20 years old (let alone the past 30) I did not worry to much of my outfits. I preferred reading and traveling. The fact that he had grown some interest, and I have read a few books, today allows me to buy me whatever I want. The Balenciaga nail wanting. And in the colors I want. The point is that, with all due respect, to spend two thousand euro for a nail I do not give a fuck. I prefer to go to America or India with 2,000 € or bring my son or to make a gift to my boyfriend. With this I am not saying I despise those who love fashion or works there or has the passion. Me too (when it happens) like to put a beautiful dress. There are also fashion bloggers that I find cute and funny, but they are the ones who think their outfits without bothering to make judgments on those of others. The other remember one little thing. I buy me the nail Zara because I can choose. You, at my age (or much sooner), when you get a younger fashion blogger and pussy of you and not gaudagnerete nothing and no one will give you more of a chip only, the nail WILL BE FORCED to comprarvelo from Zadar. Because you know, maybe get a job with a curriculum made ​​of selfies, I guarantee you, it will be tough.
Ah, I do not have a duty to be pussy. You yes in theory and in many cases you are not needless pussies, let him say with serenity.”

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