Running Shoes for Overweight Runners

You are overweight and want to lose a few pounds with the race? It ‘important to choose the right running shoes, because otherwise your body will suffer, even if you are obese.

First of all you never go running with the conventional sports shoes for running. They are stiff and not designed to accommodate the movements of the foot when running. The running shoes instead are flexible and more or less depreciated, depending on the type, the important thing is to choose the right ones to you.

We have already discussed in an article in the various types of running shoes that are on the market, from very light A0 that simulate barefoot running, the supercorazzates A5 for trail running (running on rough terrain), there are many nuances.

If you are athletes of a certain weight it is strongly recommended that the SC on an A3 model, very dampened and suitable for those on a support of neutral foot or supinator, which tend to carry more weight on the outside of the foot, or an A4 model , usually shoes reinforced in the inner part of the sole, suitable to the pronator, that is, persons who tend to collapse with the weight towards the inside, on the arch plantar and that they need a support, to protect the joints, especially knees.

To find out if your foot strike is neutral or supinator pronator will simply look at the sole of a pair of old shoes: you pronator if they are worn on the inside, supinators if the outer side to be thinned and neutral if the sole is remained flat. The tendency to collapse on the arc foot is fairly common among overweight people, watch your feet and your legs in front of a mirror, or go into a store that specializes in running shoes, where you will submit to a rapid postural analysis ( better yet seek the advice of a doctor), if you discover that you have this physical habit, choose shoes that support you best. The body awareness is the first step towards health.

Mind you not only save and take the time to try various models of affordable shoes.
When you return home satisfied after a nice run, with small pains data “healthy” by a right effort, you will realize that the investment in time and money is worth it.

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