Mens Shoes Size Conversion Table

Converting American Men’s Shoes, Women, Children: The tricks to Avoid Mistakes

The shoe sizes are not all equal here is how to solve the problem of conversion of american shoe sizes. The tables help but not enough: you need to be a little ‘smart.

The US measures are different from the European, and this is one of the most frequent problems that occur when buying shoes online. A big problem that limits partly buying shoes online (usually cheaper) maybe from foreign countries like America, for fear of making mistakes and maybe being too tight shoes. In future there will be technology that will solve this annoying problem and you can buy shoes without trying and not making mistakes. But in the meantime? You have to make conversion between sizes and learn a few tricks.

Meanwhile, here are the tables with American and European measures and centimeters for men, women and children.

Women’s Shoes-Conversion Table

Eu is for Europe, the measures of the European and Italian shoes. US for United States, namely the American sizes. UK stands for United Kingdom, united kingdom.On the right column of the tables instead the equivalent in centimeters (measure of the foot, not the shoe).

Men’s Shoes-Conversion Table

How to measure your child’s foot?

It is not difficult, but not easy: put the child standing on a sheet of paper and draw with a pencil the shape of the foot. Then draw a line in the center of the shape of the foot, from toe to heel. This is the approximate length – not certain – the baby’s foot. For safety, to avoid tight shoes, always add one centimeter.

Now that i saw the tables i solved all my problems? Um, not really

No, because there’s a surprise that perhaps you already know: the sizes may vary depending on the manufacturer. Beautiful rip-off, no? That’s why, rather than converting between American sizes and European / Italian, is more reliable than the length in centimeters. But even then we are not sure at 100%, just slightly wrong and you have measuring a size difference.

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Some tips to remember to buy American shoes (and not) online and with correct size:

  • If you have already bought other shoes that brand and that model mentioned size. But also remember that the same make and model other, can mean a different size. Sneakers and shoes with heels are not the same thing!
  • When you buy think although you will need to bring with stockings and withwhat kind of socks. This changes things a lot: for example certain boots or walking shoes are worn with thick socks and this can mean one size larger.
  • Almost all shoe sales sites offer the service of returns: if the shoes do not fit, you can return them. First check that this service is active.
  • You made a mistake and now you can not go back? Read our guide on how to expand the shoes too tight .

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