How to Wear a White Shirt Man

That’s one of the arguments which more questioning me and maybe my friends, all women in general: a leader can buy a thousand faces and be worn more than once? I know girls who buy a dress every week to constantly come out with a new boss to show off. Madness. Just as I always say, a bit ‘of creativity to re-evaluate and change the “face” to our clothes. The keystone is NOT THROW NOTHING EVER VIA. Our closet so in time it will become a real fashion archive. But now we go to practice. Today we will see together as a simple man’s white shirt can be worn by and construed in 5 different ways.


Let’s say we want to create an outfit for a drink with friends, one thing that we must achieve in a few minutes, without being too much to waste time in front of the closet. Well, we wear our shirt, of course, will not be close-fitting being a model for men. The first look that suggest there is shirt combined with jeans. They are members, XXL bermudas or does not matter.Accessoriamo all with a beautiful belt and you’re done!


Let’s say we have to go to an event or a dinner a little more challenging. We want to create an original look, be elegant but not too much. It takes a middle ground. Here suggests you take the man’s shirt and wear it under a nice simple little black dress. You will see how in a moment a very simple little dress shop a little ‘more than special. Obviously we complete with the right accessories and high shoes.


Let’s say we want to create a comfortable but fashionable look, and let’s say we like the ’70s.Then take a nice long skirt, which at this time is really a desert everywhere, our man’s shirt and a pair of sneakers. This time bringing indossiamola shirt knotted just above the navel and risvoltiamo sleeves. A nice smile and go!


Let’s say we have to go to a drink a little ‘more night. It therefore wants a richer look. This time I propose a modular look: long skirt or knee, body or shirt, man’s white shirt worn as a jacket.


Let’s say we want to be precious. We for sure one of those beautiful necklaces / collar or an accessory that is still quite protagonist. Well, we take again our white shirt, abbottoniamola for good throughout, we wear our series that so will be the undisputed queen of our look and we complete everything with a short white wire shrugs.

I just have to ask you what’s your favorite look and if you have convinced the choice to reuse our leaders!

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