Batik Clothing Plus Size

The fashion shows have shown it: Batik is back! Not in the way, as you perhaps know from the 80s, but much more stylish and glamorous. Fine batik dresses, skintight jeans or cool shirts are batik, there’s no tomorrow. And I must admit, the new batik style I like. How do you wear it best, I’ll explain here.

Batik Dresses And More: Tips & Tricks

1. Batike Quality Clothes

So you do not look like the eco-Mami from the 80s and 90s, not grab you the baggy shirt. Besides, you want your skills to test it. If you feel safe, then choose a quality part that is really good to you.

2. Batik mit Sex-Appeal

The polynuclear DIY Touch lose your shirt with batik, if it has a plunging neckline and snug. The same goes for your skirt, the rear has a slot or the pants that conjures up a cracking Po. The batik patterns range anyway to the eyes; so you can still strengthen, lest you enter into the baggy hippie corner this effect.

3. A Batik Part is Combined With Single-Color Parts

Your batik dress pants in XXL is a glaring eye from Therefore I advise you to a plain shirt, so the effect will not fade or outshone. Even your Plus Size Outfit total harmonious and feminine when a calming influence is present in addition to the eye-catcher.

4. Classic Accessories

A batik shirt can even be worn in the job, if you combine this noble accessories. For colorful big size shirt you reach the bright trousers, heels and an elegant watch. Also pretty earrings or a timeless bag go great with it.

5. Für Modekennerinnen: Stilbrüche

Genuine Plus Size Fashion junkies will find the combination with single-color parts probably too boring. No problem – with batik parts are breaks in style a high fashion means. For batik blouse with polka dot skirt calm the metallic ballerinas may be retrieved.

6. Batik for Cautious

If you actually Batik pretty, but it’ll be crass for your wardrobe, then just finished but a towel on it. An airy, colorful scarf in batik-look is summery ideal match with the bright summer outfit in large sizes.

So Easy You Can Batiken Even Your Dress, Shirt Or Your Pants:

In preparation you put ready a bowl, your white shirt, fabric dye and fixer, rubber gloves and strip and roped.

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