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How to Choose a Good Bra

Choosing the right bra? How to take your measurements and be sure to have a bra that fits you?

A real good bra-that is snug and comfortable-is of great importance for the health and beauty of your breasts. Each breast has a bra that suits him. The bras are now the size 75-115 and bonnet A to KK. The suitable bra is comfortable and is forgotten during the day. This is the essential element of every female wardrobe. Think it does not matter because it remains under clothes is a mistake. Your vests, tank tops, shirts need a good bra that you choose according to the cup size and back round. And all this to avoid sore spine, back or shoulders and ganger comfort, enhance and protect the chest. A bra can also shape the silhouette, increase the size and harmonize your body visually. In addition, your clothes fit you better!

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How to Choose Bras When Pregnancy

How to choose maternity bra?

A good bra should be comfortable. He should not leave a mark on the skin or ‘cut’ chest. The tape from the back must be just below the shoulder blades and the straps should stay on the shoulders, without damaging them. Frames must include the chest and never arise on the breast, or to hurt ratings. As soon as the first fitting a seam or a lace itches a bit, should change the model.It can quickly become unbearable for a whole day. Attention also to the cuts that pass over the nipple. This one is more sensitive with the pregnancy. The models ‘molded’ (no thickness but whose fabric has a breast shape without that there is need of sewing) are generally very gentle on the skin.

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Summer Dress and Sneakers

Wear a romantic dress with high neckline and sandals is something that anyone can do, but combinations like that, though they may be female, and to great effect in the long run are likely to tire and to be quite trivial.

This summer because We do not try to match our clothes in a less obvious? We could start with the sneakers , shoes that now dominate in all the fashion collections and we have learned to exploit even outside the gym.

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How to Wear a White Shirt Man

That’s one of the arguments which more questioning me and maybe my friends, all women in general: a leader can buy a thousand faces and be worn more than once? I know girls who buy a dress every week to constantly come out with a new boss to show off. Madness. Just as I always say, a bit ‘of creativity to re-evaluate and change the “face” to our clothes. The keystone is NOT THROW NOTHING EVER VIA. Our closet so in time it will become a real fashion archive. But now we go to practice. Today we will see together as a simple man’s white shirt can be worn by and construed in 5 different ways.

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Jérôme Dreyfuss

Robert Edmond, Jules, Paul … No, this does not refer to our love palmares of last summer, this small suite of names illustrates just our way of being polygamous without being outlawed. One to whom you must be able to juggle a Billy Jean and without go through the notary case is none other than “the darling of fashion” that vibrated the world of fashion from 1998 2002: Jerome Dreyfuss.

It was at Nancy in 1974 that Jérôme Dreyfuss born. Early on, he feels that his future is in fashion. At major penalty, he landed an assistant to John Galliano, then became a consultant at Elite. However, in 1998 the desire to create wins and he presented his first collection. What animates? The desire to make a teen fantasy, consisting of being closer to the women. What better way could he find that the dress while doing the dreaming? Continue reading

Erin Fetherston and Sasha Primak

Premise of the show of romantic Erin Fetherston (to be held this afternoon in New York), the second installment of its collaboration with the claw of Sasha Primak jewelry was partially unveiled to the press, just to put us in the mouth…

However, it was during his 2008/2009 autumn-winter show that we will discover all of this capsule collection, which looks more enchanting than ever. That which made Kirsten muse and develops always a cloakroom-like evanescent angels is stitched to design jewelry semblance straight out of an Andersen fairy tale. Continue reading

Zara Yellow Leather Jacket

Who often frequents the company, you will come across in the last hours in a yellow leather jacket signed by fashion brand low cost Spanish Zara. Everything is born of a mockery of those who wear that very brand Nail: they seem to be born many pages on Facebook to criticize precisely those who chose to buy it and also to wear it, because it is tamarro, from “Festival of the Sardine”, from” tanks in the center.” Wild Lucarelli was on the field for us and, wearing it brought the usual ironic post on Facebook.

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The Head of Jewelry Mikaella Assouline

Paris fashion week has not yet tipped into oblivion parades autumn-winter 2007/2008 and the trends they have raised, we take the opportunity to dwell on the work Mikaella Assouline. Indeed, while the fur hats and other oversize berets invaded the winter, this young designer manages to pull out of the game by devising curious headwear, girly timeless refinement.

This kind of creative is not intended to stick to trends. Instead, she follows her concept, her vision of beauty and embroiders around his favorite subject without following the fluctuations of the stock to “it”. However, while the caps are often reserved for those who dare, the autumn-winter presentations February democratized wearing cranial fancy, and we have thus offered the opportunity to play the elegant one season. Continue reading

Lacoste Fashion Show – Fall-Winter 2008-2009

For this new collection – which celebrated the 75th anniversary of the little crocodile – Christophe Lemaire chose to dive youth Lacoste in the heart of Preppy School roots of the brand, sprinkling everything with an ounce of dress code “good manners” and offering as a closing pepsy kept coming dévergonder the wise bridesmaids. He thus proposes a racy version of sportswear, which should attract the most urban of us.

It’s a snowy catwalk crowd that the first production models of the Lacoste show. Bundled up in long and wide scarves, models in hybrid ski suit / wear skinny and vintage aviation goggles hoods with a chic mixed relaxation. The uniformity of the first wave, opening the presentation, is reminiscent of a dream team mysteriously glamorous alpine skiers… Continue reading