The Ultimate Jeans Guide (for Men)

Nerve-racking than any horror movie: the pants purchase. That we change now with our jeans guide!Looking for the perfect pair of trousers even the most prudent men are to Hulk when the jeans not want as it should: pinch, pinching, no butt, huge ass, cameltoe-the way to the perfect jeans is long and rocky.Thus you have a proper guide from the outset, we give you this practical jeans Guide to the hand, which does the Jean buying in record time!

The Jeans, from the self-Yves Saint Laurent wanted to have invented it, is considered the most masculine garment, which always attends a distinctive and daring outlaw charm.

Rough, rugged and timeless it is since 140 years, the Basic, on the tastes of a generation is clearly read like no other piece of clothing. In Jeans Guide we show you  4 different jeans types that combine timeless and modern aspects and promise the perfect style for every taste!


Recommend by Wholesaleably, the straight leg jeans is the right choice for men who do not like experiments: Comfortable and convenient it provides decades an unemotional, straightforward appearance, making it a true all-rounder, the versatile combination possibilities opened.


The Slim Fit comes with a wide range of different slenderness degree which of up to skinny Shoegazer Strokes look moderate casual pre-hipster has everything. Stylish and modern, the slim fit jeans are all, they  run the hem toward narrow and sit in the upper and lower leg region close to the body at, so that the body acts sporty and particularly casual leisure outfits with the Slim Fit an eye catcher.


A pair of jeans is a jeans is a jeans? The trends are as diverse as Kim Kardashian Selfies-the current state of evolution now brings the “Tapered Jeans” on the program: The hypermodern Jeans is  wide at the hips and crotch not to spack on the legs and runs towards the feet conical  to.


Yes, you read correctly-in the wake of the current 90-he left sloshing trends the baggy with! This does not mean that should now be enthusiastically unpacked the old FUBUs and South Poles and hung on the knee-the true modern Loose Fit sitting too loosely and casually, but seems much more adult and has therefore with the old Pampers Pants very little in common ,

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