How to Buy Women’s Jeans That Fit

What would your wardrobe without a pair of perfectly fitting women’s jeans?

The Fashion Essential is a fashionable long-running, which is always popular and season is reinterpreted for the season.

Learn now, what you should look for when this timeless classic buy and how you take care of your favorite models ideal, so their guarantee many years of pleasure to have them!

Jeans for women: Tips For Buying

There are a few things that you should consider it if you want to make sure a perfect jeans to find. Finally your desire model should not only be stylish, but also perfectly cut and figure-flattering. For this, you should first pay attention to the washing of the trousers.

In general: Bright Denim emphasizes curves, while dark colorations let the legs make it visually narrower. Incidentally, even if you know that the pants widens after repeated wearing, you should never buy a pair of jeans that already tweaks during the fitting. Too much stress can strain the side seams, making the model more quickly loses its shape.

Next, you should take a look at the back pockets. Most curves conjure bags,sitting centered and straight and are positioned as close as possible to each other.

Premium brands like  Mac, G-Star, Mavi, Brax and Co. now offer a virtually limitless variety of cuts and styles. Curvy and athletic women should generally ensure best access to pants High Waisted cut.The just very hip high collar makes your legs look longer optically.

In addition, the farther the legs, the shorter acting your silhouette. If you want to compensate for this effect, should you Marlene and boyfriend pants therefore best to wear at the waist to dazuzuschummeln optically a few centimeters.

For a beautiful shape also the length of the trouser legs is very important. In a well-fitting model of the hem is easy on on the ground. My tip: always Try the jeans on tiptoe to see if it is also in high heels long enough.

Among the hottest Cuts 2015 incidentally include issued Flared- and straight cut Bootcut variants. Look for these so look out if you want to be trended take a front seat.

Jeans For Women: Tips For Care

If you have even found a favorite pair of jeans, you should of course make sure that color and shape of your model remain intact as long as possible. Fortunately, there are some tricks that can significantly extend the life of your pet.

First, you should always remember to wash your pants as infrequently as possible. This admittedly somewhat odd sounding tip is the credo of many denim professionals. Laundry soap and hot water strain the delicate fibers and should really only on stubborn stains with your pants contact come.

For the little freshness kick in between, it passes the jeans in the shower mist hanging in the bathroom. Also useful: Sets the pants overnight in the freezer. The extreme cold kills bacteria and thus cleans the fibers.

In really intense spots but naturally helps only the washing machine. Rotates your jeans always on the left before you put them and treated them with a maximum of 30 degrees with a special color means in the machine.

You should on the other hand, engage in no case to fabric softener or then put the pants in the dryer.

A tip: Empties before machine wash also always carefully all pockets. Small objects such as coins or keys can otherwise make time for unsightly bulges.

Denim Distressed you should always in a special laundry bag stuck because the holes in the machine can tear otherwise. And: So-called Raw Denim should never untreated because the indigo tint otherwise immediately lose in the machine considerable luminosity.  Sets the pants necessarily before some thirty  minutes into a 50-50 mixture of vinegar and water to fix the dye.

Finally, you should always leave this fashion Essential to air dry. Put it this flat out and put it as far as possible not to the burning sun, if you want to avoid fading of the fibers.

You should, moreover, the iron as infrequently as possible to leave your jeans. Wears the pants instead prefer home a. The material your body adapts quickly and is so smoothed naturally. This method ensures that your fashion model long retains its shape.


It is thanks to the popularity of jeans that the name Levi Strauss almost part of the general knowledge. The German-American is considered the father of the fashion classic.

Less well known is that the robust cotton fabric from Strauss completed his creation, in the 17th century in France for the first time use was.

Levi Strauss processed the dyed with indigo material for currently known classics and patented his design 1873rd

The decisive boost in popularity experienced the pants, but only after the Second World War as Hollywood icons such as James Dean and Marlon Brando often showed in force until then, as workers Jeans and this therefore made ​​for everyday use.


The classic blue jeans is known as so-called “five-pocket” and falls by its straight cut and theeponymous five patch pockets on. In addition to two back – and front pockets can be found on the right front pocket the small “coin pocket”. An extra bag that had been originally intended for storage of pocket watches.

Today the fashion classic is infinite variety of shapes and colors available. Skinny, Bootcut, Flare Pants and Boyfriendstyle are just a few of the known variants which are available with and without embellishments and in different washes.


The translucent blue jeans harmony in their plain simplicity with virtually any style of clothing. But your dearest friend seems to be the timeless white T-shirt. In no other combination the non struggled permeability of cult pants comes to better advantage. But you can do: with a blazer and blouse it acts elegant and serious, worn with high heels and Tank sexy and glamorous and sneakers, it radiates youthful freshness.

From very festive, ceremonial occasions apart, fit a pair of jeans at any event since it between noble and rocking problems can change. This amazing versatility will ensure their safety in the future with a firm place among the fashion classics.

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