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Trussardi New Collection

Among the must-have essential for next season is definitely printing animal. Already we’ve told you, no matter whether it is an item of clothing or a luxury accessory, the important thing is that at least some of your clothes or a bag or a pair of shoes in the world cry your heart Wild . All- or quasi the designer-have topped the autumn-winter 2010-2011 collection with a handful of special items with animal print. Continue reading

Leopard Print Clothing and Accessories

The 2011 will be the year of the leopard. No, you are wrong blog and we do not improvise the astrologers specialized Chinese horoscope. That ‘s right: the’autumn-winter 2010/2011 is more than ever the season that best addresses the trend of ‘animal, which pays tribute to the mantles of animals such as the snake, leopard, tiger and zebra. Spots and stripes wild allure become the protagonists of a cold season and infect a bit ‘all the major brands, from Gucci to Moschino, through Just Cavalli and Dolce & Gabbana, that the leopard spots have also dedicated a collection by fluorescent colors which has already bewitched the stars of Hollywood. Continue reading

Autumn Winter Trends Womenswear

Today we present the fashion colors for the ‘ fall winter 2010 2011, the good news is that there is a lot of freedom for the next season, whatever your color of the heart you will see that you will find ways to adapt to new trends. Fashion designers in catwalk presented a colorful fashion, if for some brands was maintained the typical winter weather, for others the ‘winter that will be it in the name of colors, flowers and happy atmosphere, the flowers Miu Miu, the red Prada and Versace turquoise and Nina Ricci. Continue reading

What Happened to Looklet

How many of you have spent whole days by small to play “Spin the fashion”, that beautiful board game that allowed all the creative girls to realize the outfit to draw and color, to feel a bit ‘as in established designers? Many will probably have turned this game into a passion, or maybe even a job. If you want to come back a bit ‘and girls to play stylish but this time with designer items, Looklet is the community for you. Continue reading

Animal Print Dolce Gabbana

The new obsession of the star is called Animalier happy Leo and comes directly from the Pre Fall 2010 collection of Dolce & Gabbana, an animal print characterized by the fact of being declined in glamor and bright colors. This print has been proposed in various colors and our celebrities had fun wearing these clothes also offered in several models, ranging from mini dresses to long dresses, so that everyone can give his personal interpretation of the animal print.Today let us see which star you are seduced by this glamorous print Dolce & Gabbana. Continue reading

Trendy Animal Print Clothing

Among the new trends of the season autumn winter 2009 2010 once again confirms the animal style, there are those who love it and some people hate it but we are virtually surrounded, accessories, handbags, jewelry, hair accessories, clothing , the animal print shoes with you just about anything. Today we see a bit of glamor and sophisticated accessories, suitable for the woman who wants to seduce and who do not really want to know to go unnoticed! Continue reading

Ralph Lauren Paris Polo Shirt

The famous boulevard St. Germain in Paris, tourist destination famous for excellence around the world will soon have-around the middle of April to a new and illustrious tenant. 173 the number of road known fashion capital of the French fact proceed at this time the final preparations to allow the opening of the new flagship store Ralph Lauren. The US brand, already present in Paris with two other boutique on Place de la Madeleine and the one recently opened in the avenue de la Montaigne is ready to open the new store will be larger than 1200 square meters on five floors where the designer wanted donate “a unique setting, that would reflect the glamor, culture and the artistic spirit of the city of lights”. Continue reading

Pantone Color Powder Coating

The sun of these days brings us already to the good weather, right? Sun heating,clothes that dry quickly, even if we are just at the beginning of March you feel the air of spring, right? After so many shows and so many collections for the autumn winter 2010 2011, we take a break, between Milan and Paris , and we talk about fashion trends for spring summer 2010, we are dealing today with a color that will make very trendy, the powder. The powder color is one of my favorite even though I do not think I would look for a total face powder as it did for example Elisabetta Canalis on the red carpet with his beautiful Roberto Cavalli dress. Continue reading

Amanda Seyfried Instagram

We had said that it would become an annual phenomenon, moreover, was announced a success, if only for the stellar cast and with foreboding that all Tim Burton’s then transformed into armchairs at cinema. And indeed it did, and the cult movie Alice in Wonderland, become the film of the year even before its theatrical release, he has conditioned and inevitably influenced the world of fashion. Accomplice probably the desire to emerge from the crisis that has stifled us, or at least has strangled the finances of half the world, we are accepting a more playful fashion, cheeky, light but no less important? Continue reading

Catherine Malandrino Clara Top

Tell me what you wear and I’ll tell you who you are. If in a sense apparel states from afar a person’s attitude, more and more individuals who follow the dictates of fashion designers who affix posts of chiefs of clothing direct, declarations of intent and supportive sentences, support a cause or become the mouthpiece for pensieri.I’m Free, I’m Love, I’m Power, I’m Good. These claims on the t-shirt that kick off the new capsule collection designed by a new duo composed by hip hop-soul queen Mary J. Blige, who during the last Grammy Awards duet withAndrea Bocelli to raise funds for Haiti , and the French fashion designer beloved by Hollywood stars Catherine Malandrino. Continue reading

Tarina Tarantino Alice in Wonderland

The craze for Alice and her world full of wonders continue to fascinate designers.Even Tarina Tarantino, the famous jewelry designers and glamorous accessories, has become caught up in the passion for the story of Alice, creating a collection whose name is perhaps one of the most well-chosen to express the psychedelia of the Lewis Carroll tale, Alice Acid . The Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat, the Queen of Hearts… not really miss any of the main characters of Alice in Wonderland in this special collection, which incorporates the traditional illustrations that inspired the cartoon of Disney. Continue reading