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Pam & Arch London Clothing

Pam & Arch London presents us with new proposals for spring summer 2011 , if you want to renew the wardrobe bringing colors and new patterns and chic, I advise you to take a look to these garments, where the springtime in all its glory.The new collection of Pam & Arch London is really interesting, I did not know this brand, but it was love at first sight, these colors, necklines and patterns are irresistible, browse our photo gallery and let us know what do you think. Continue reading

Animal Print Trend of the A/W

The spring / summer 2011 is tinged with animal print. A fact not so new, since the spots leopard, the stripes of zebra and tiger-striped motifs are always among the protagonists of fashion, in any season and at any time of the year.This year, however, the designers decided to give vent to their creativity and to sign with the colors and patterns of the animals of the savannah and forest cloaks their collections, from Burberry Prorsum inevitable animal of Dolce & Gabbana and Just Cavalli , also passing by Francesco Scognamiglio, Giambattista Valli and Givenchy. Let’s look at some ideas that come to us from the catwalks and the accessories of the new season. Continue reading

Yellow Color Trend

What are the trendy colors in this spring / summer 2011? The color palette this season are many, but we must recognize that the yellow is having a very special role, we see almost every day both in the photo shoots of fashion magazines both in shop windows and in the new collections. And then we find out together how to dress this color taking a cue from the catwalks and clothes, shoes and bags of the spring / summer 2011 collections of the brands we love the most! Continue reading

Bon Ton Cafe Attire

L’ bon ton dress is very fashionable, is a classic and as such is always good, I think is the most stylish feminine and graceful of all time and is the base for the collections of many fashion houses, a classic example is certainly Chanel. The Chanel style is impeccable, charming and vaguely retro and that is why it is still relevant in a world that it takes more and more similar to men: pitiless and voted for his career, it is not surprising that fashion presents us a bit ‘of grace and femininity, we need it, do not even believe you? Continue reading

Kristen Stewart Street Style

Kristen Stewart and Rachel Bilson are two American actresses and very nice, Kristen Stewart is certainly more lucky, the movie Twilight made ​​her have a stratospheric success. Rachel Bilson is one of the actresses cast from “The OC” which is now a fashionista prezzemolina but has become known for his outfits always very interesting and well chosen. Kristen Stewart and Rachel Bilson are two very different characters, but united by a passion for mini shorts, the Siwy “Camilla”. Continue reading

Amy Winehouse Steal Her Style

Amy Winehouse left us, has died at age 27 last Saturday, the victim of his own life, of his weaknesses and a restlessness that while it made ​​her shine, on the other, has swallowed. When I heard the news I could not believe, it seemed absurd, but it is possible that no one has been able to help? Possible that friends and relatives were not able to help her? Unfortunately Amy Winehouse does not have it done and she died, fell the silence of a star damned and tormented that revolutionized the world of music but also that of fashion. Continue reading

Emma Roberts Street Style

Emma Roberts is a granddaughter of art, I want to know who is his aunt? Julia Roberts! We do not know if Emma Roberts will have the same luck and as successful as her aunt, but certainly the cards are good, it’s paparazzi everywhere, it’s pretty and knows how to enhance her look, in short, the stuff there! Today we see Emma Roberts with a casual look and very simple embellished by red accessories, this glam details like the stars, some time ago has also raised Kate Middleton, do you remember? Continue reading

Dolce and Gabbana Celebrity Endorsement

The stars of Dolce & Gabbana is the true summer blockbuster, but you will see that we will find for many more months because they are part of the autumn winter 2011 2012, we were presented at the Milan Fashion Week and have since been spotted a little ‘everywhere. The stars print Dolce & Gabbana has made ​​inroads in the heart of all women and particularly the Hollywood stars who worship the touch frou frou that give these little stars that radiate on clothes and accessories. Continue reading

Topshop Autumn Winter

Today we speak of Topshop and the new collection autumn winter 2011 2012 , a little ‘as with Zara also creates many Topshop lookbook for the season to keep pace with the trends and offer merchandise without new and trendy to customers. The lookbook we see today is thought to autumn 2011, we have various leaders, and not elegant, light and heavy seeds until you get to fur coats, sheepskin garments and perfect for when you get the real cold. Continue reading

Fabrics With Metallic Threads

A trend very interesting for the spring summer 2012 consists of the metallic fabric, dyes very chic and bright which are positioned on dresses, skirts, jumsuit, a bit ‘all over the wardrobe women for the next season. The metallic materials have colonized a large part of the Milan Fashion Week and have been proposed by many designers, from Giorgio Armani, Just Cavalli, from Etro to Angelo Marani, a real triumph of colors and styles. Continue reading

Très Chic Styling

The queen style is back in fashion, if you love the style retro and vintage it’s your time, arrived in time to give vent to your soul diva with headbands andtiaras etiquette that so loved the stars and divas fifties! The circles and the crowns have been sported several times on the red carpet in recent months and now it’s up to you. If you feel more rock like Rihanna, you can opt for hair bands, which depending on the imagination and how they wear may be just nice. Continue reading

Celebrities Wearing All Black

The stars love the look in total black especially for their lives every day, today we see many celebrities, actresses, designers, supermodels and so they choose an all black look, I support their style because I too often blacks wear garments and what do you think? Black is sophisticated and elegant or is it just bleak and too overrated? Meanwhile, before answering a look at the look of our famous friends! Continue reading

Fausto Puglisi Interview

Lately we have often talked about Fausto Puglisi, a Sicilian designer who has worked and studied abroad for many years and now it’s getting even known in his homeland, Italy. Fausto Puglisi is one of the Dolce & Gabbana wards,designers talented Italian but have proven over the years true lovers of fashion, giving the opportunity to make themselves known to young boys and immensely talented, just like Fausto Puglisi.

Continue reading