Women’s Beige Linen Pants

Contrary to what they say, beige pants are not pants just for older men – on the contrary, knowing how to use it can compose multiple looks, from the casual to the chic.


The tailored pants are considered by many people an unfeminine part because it does not value the woman’s body and beige pants are seen by many as the flagship of these pants.

People get used to speaking for the collective and by listening, in fact, this stereotype of beige pants does not even have a foundation that is reasonable. The neutrality of color in addition to the many possible combinations, it is very easy to use it.


  • The pants have a straight cut, have no pattern and therefore need some details to give a charm and a bit of femininity. This hoticle linen may be on top, which can be of any color.
  • With a blouse of black silk with lace details and black pumps, using some semi-jewels or even a bracelet of gold and a ring, beige pants gives too sure.
  • Beige pants with a blouse in viscose lycra and any color adjusted to the body with a white blazer and high-heeled sandal with straps adorned with precious stones also raise the woman who wears clothes.


The flared pants are bell mouth pants, that were very successful in the 70s. It is just up to the knees and increases the width from them. The difference of 70s flare pants is up to the bell mouth a little more closed.

It can be used by women of all types: thin, tall, incredibly low, plus size. It elongates the silhouette and for those who have calves or thick legs, it disguises very well. Besides giving a touch of femininity.

You know that poplin shirt that you hardly use because it is terrible to go? Yeah. Time to get her out of wardrobes. Use the flared beige pants with high heels forever.

The flared beige pants, goes well with a shirt in silk and a black vest with the lining of the Italian collar in beige, which can be made of twill. Everyone will tie in your look.


The denim is a fabric that has been fashionable, and then it had its moment of loss and is again giving the air of grace. Super democratic today some clothing use lycra to give more freedom of movement, without, however, take the fun part.

The twill beige pants match with any piece of clothing that you want, and accept any footwear.
With tennis, preferably All Star with or without pipe, if the leather is beautiful. The beige pants goes well with a t-shirt with front print, which is super modern. Complete the look with a belt that can be leather, canvas or fabric.

The twill beige trousers also combines with very low or high boots, just a more elaborate production at the top, a black fine mesh, with a leather little jacket. Rocked!

Another idea for your twill beige pants is for the military – style jacket made ​​of denim or twill too. Use under a piece with print, and if you want, you can use low pipe boots. Well this modern look.


There was a time that flax reigned full and absolute when the event was a little more elegant. Beige linen trousers, despite making more success among men at the time, fell into the graces of women as well.

Use your beige pants always with heels or else pointed shoes that are very elegant. At the top, the one race in printed silk or black is show.

Another way to vary the use of beige linen pants is wearing a shirt and underneath the collar, wearing printed scarf you love.

And then? Some look pleased? Still think beige pants are ugly for women? Clothes in neutral colors always give very special look compositions options. The beige pants, whether tailoring, denim, linen, or silk, always will be fine as long as you know how to make the right combinations.

Take a chance on them and find out that beige is nothing masculine. It is only when men made for a man. And do not forget that many of them, and love is beautiful in a pale pink shirt.

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