Maternity Pants Trends Fall 2016

The trousers became part of the female wardrobe in the period of World War I, where women began to assume some activities that previously men did, since their husbands were in combat. Of course, this change has generated controversy and they had to face a real battle to win the right of fulfilled pants.

Coco Chanel in 1920, gave the start to the pants when time of popularity began in the female universe. Invested and innovated, they created a wide range of pants, which had comfort and freedom for movement and inspired by the sailors. It did not take stop turning big trend.

Today, the pants are one of the gifts and comfortable pieces in our outfit everyday and thanks to previous fights women are independent and have our rights to use the completed trousers of all designs, colors and fabrics imaginable.

Meet some of the bridgat pregnancy trousers that surround us today and are in trend. Enjoy choosing your favorite pants!

  • Flare

Emphasis on hip and an opening increases from the knee to the end of the bar.

You can bet on wider t-shirts. Place it inside the pants, this will give volume!

For plump, a good tip is to use a jacket or cardigan more fulfilled above and thus more value to the shape of your body, as this model emphasizes the hip.

And the incredibly low? Invest in high heels to lengthen your silhouette and in all kind of heels.

It features a more upright and masculine cut, giving the impression that it is not his so called “boyfriend” in English for this modeling.

Abusing more male parts is a trend, but it does not mean that your entire visual needs appear to have been stolen from a male wardrobe, is not it? So if you choose these pants, invest in women’s blouses.

The lower women should keep the heel and also take care to choose it in a closer shade of skin color this time.

As for the skinny girls you can abuse the lighter washes in part giving more volume to the look.

Chubs, keep the tip of the most accomplished cardigan that values ​​your body.

  • Skinny:

This is probably the wildcard part in most women’s wardrobe. It has a skinnier shape and fits to the body throughout its length.

Here the tip is basic: Balance! Just below, Larguinho above.

The rules already cited above for body types follow the same: skinny, deem volume. Chubs, larger coats not to increase hip and incredibly low, keep up the jump.

The darling of the female audience, the skinny pants fit completely to the body and bring a comfortable design. Moreover, even if presented with adverse prints making our hearts beat faster!

  1. Portuguese China- appears more in the traditional blue and white colors, and are quite stylish.
  2. Floral- No way in and out of season flowers, it is successful and here to stay. Their bright colors romanticize the look.
  3. Ethnic- major colors and geometric designs, refer indigenous tribes giving a “what” to craft pieces.
  4. Animal Print- Every day, we come across many looks patterned ounce, zebra , leopard, snake … And so on. It is the pattern most often used by the female audience to date.
  5. Chess- It appears in various formats and depending on your pattern can make her look a clubby style and grunge, or a more classic style.

The use of any part print, be sure to use the flat top not to overload the vision.

Student is suitable for the skinny, only different being in fabric composition. It has more stretch than the jeans, so it’s more comfortable.

The name comes from the junction and denim leggings and the result could not be better.

Chubs can avoid the lighter washes this time, the thin can add blouses to the list with prints which further help in volume and women with smaller stature can use parts like tones, giving a lanky effect.

  • Straight:

Cut equal the knee to the bar, a classic model that should be present in every wardrobe.

In this modeling, the tip is to use the lighter washes for the day and bet on dark pieces for the night. Moreover, just play.

After knowing some of the many models of shoes that the market offers for women and learn the tips, I believe you have your favorite. So assemble her look and parading through the streets full of style and feeling gorgeous!

What female pants model of fashion in 2016 you like most? Review!


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