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How to Choose a Leather Motorcycle Jacket

If not found, then you should definitely buy one. Leather or of composition leather jacket is a very good choice as part of the basic garment stock. Leather jacket fit so many different costume and a situation that every woman would have at least one, well-fitting motorcycle leather jacket.

Leather motorcycle jackets are also often part of the basic range of trades and they can be found easily just your personal style appropriate version on

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Vintage Long Dresses for Daily Wear

With the arrival of summer when clothing is fresh and beautiful, there is a great option for those who want to wear a fresh outfit and the outfit not to be short as short dresses so they can wear to go to work or do activities in their daily life.

Currently on the market the long dresses that are used day to dayThe dress in summer is the flowery dresses. Check out some advantages of wearing the long dresses in summer:

The dresses with flower prints are super light and very pleasant to wear. And the long dresses could combine with other clothes which will make people feel comfortable visually, so you can use both in your daily life (go to work) and even to go out at night, depending on where you go and adding some accessories. Continue reading

Orange Wedding Dresses

If you’ve decided to make your wedding celebration during the summer, spring and autumn especially you don’t have to hesitate to opt for the orange color for bridesmaids dresses, since this is a very elegant color that goes well with these times. So you will not have problems in the search I want to help you by showing you some models of dresses of ladies in orange that you will import.

The orange colors is not only an elegant color par excellence, but is one of the colors that is fashionable, especially for bridesmaids, so that in the different colorations of fashion dresses as I’ve been able to give account is always different models of dress in this elegant color.

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Best Fashion Looks for Winter 2016

If it was the most beautiful season of the year in terms of clothing this year, the winter is to seal and make the greatest success.


The velvet, organza, muslin and much return with it to let the eyes on the amazed look.

Not to mention what was already fashionable in the 60s and 70s, but more glamorized for those attending the trendiest and upscale places and more hipsters for girls who love to vary the look.


Dress- Romantic style in a dress with frill made ​​of a velvety fabric that combines with the delicacy of organza. Most of the dresses are almost straight cut, stamped cotton twill is that it gives the impression of velvet. The prints of the current twills give hand painted print. Above the bust, finishing the organza neck with a frown light accentuates the romantic mood. The wizards and the bar, goes a half puckered finish organza leaving the super delicate dress. Peep toe goes very well with this model.
High waist printed twill pants- modern with a retro touch, it has pockets on the sides and a black belt that is tied at the back of the pants, which has a very discreet fold each side. The shirt can be in black jacquard with straight cut, raglan sleeves. Tailpiece with shoes with geometric design that is fashionable, many varnish. A charm for a night out.

Better to leave without knowing exactly where to go, even just having a look to go and look good in any place, situation or event.

The sober and elegant shades of gray combine with powerful cuts in a collection with a super urban footprint, creating a balance between the classic and sporty, chic and casual. The easy rider with their democratic models fit well any woman’s style.


Tweed blazer with tailor collar and narrow lapels, with secondary seams in front and back and the classic manga with two seams. The model is completely clean and can be used up to that torn jeans in skinny models. Freedom to use a pair of tennis as the All Star in white leather or a straight model shoes without laces.


Chess back with all the jackets, casaquetos and jacket with leather details
The pants in lãzinha with high waist is another option for use with boots
The shirt beneath the little jacket following the same shades of pants can close the look both for day and for night
It does not stop there. Look what comes back in full force, bright shining and all.
The parka keeps its origins in the military model. The details are due to fabric in Bucle chess. It brings some sporting details such as the front zipper, the through the sheath and the large, informal court. The large flap pockets in front, makes the part have a jacket of air.
Blouse sweatshirt chess with plain sleeves can be used with straight skirt, short boots and even stockings more lowered to the middle of the shins.
Some more classic models that can be used for work, and some models for night rides like a dinner with twill dress and super romantic organza or twill pants with black shirt. Fabrics and textures of the past mark his return for 2016.
The space also allows us to bring some other news.

The little tube is also back. Crew neck with a small opening with zipper on the front and simple pockets on the sides that matches the short handle bags. There are the same models with much more affordable price. The shoe Philipp Plein Slipper beautiful gray of living, can be replaced by a more modest brand, but following the same style.

There are other trends going back to the autumn-winter fashion, that redeems the 60s and 70s, but we’ll talk about in another post that is coming. For now, what’s here is just a preview of the big surprises and beautiful visuals.

Expect many cool things that you can use even customizing some parts saved and who do not have the courage to discard. Including the beautiful scarves, colorful scarves. All these give an air of modernity to crazy models of the roaring 60s and 70s.

Women’s Beige Linen Pants

Contrary to what they say, beige pants are not pants just for older men – on the contrary, knowing how to use it can compose multiple looks, from the casual to the chic.


The tailored pants are considered by many people an unfeminine part because it does not value the woman’s body and beige pants are seen by many as the flagship of these pants.

People get used to speaking for the collective and by listening, in fact, this stereotype of beige pants does not even have a foundation that is reasonable. The neutrality of color in addition to the many possible combinations, it is very easy to use it.


  • The pants have a straight cut, have no pattern and therefore need some details to give a charm and a bit of femininity. This hoticle linen may be on top, which can be of any color.
  • With a blouse of black silk with lace details and black pumps, using some semi-jewels or even a bracelet of gold and a ring, beige pants gives too sure.
  • Beige pants with a blouse in viscose lycra and any color adjusted to the body with a white blazer and high-heeled sandal with straps adorned with precious stones also raise the woman who wears clothes.


The flared pants are bell mouth pants, that were very successful in the 70s. It is just up to the knees and increases the width from them. The difference of 70s flare pants is up to the bell mouth a little more closed.

It can be used by women of all types: thin, tall, incredibly low, plus size. It elongates the silhouette and for those who have calves or thick legs, it disguises very well. Besides giving a touch of femininity.

You know that poplin shirt that you hardly use because it is terrible to go? Yeah. Time to get her out of wardrobes. Use the flared beige pants with high heels forever.

The flared beige pants, goes well with a shirt in silk and a black vest with the lining of the Italian collar in beige, which can be made of twill. Everyone will tie in your look.


The denim is a fabric that has been fashionable, and then it had its moment of loss and is again giving the air of grace. Super democratic today some clothing use lycra to give more freedom of movement, without, however, take the fun part.

The twill beige pants match with any piece of clothing that you want, and accept any footwear.
With tennis, preferably All Star with or without pipe, if the leather is beautiful. The beige pants goes well with a t-shirt with front print, which is super modern. Complete the look with a belt that can be leather, canvas or fabric.

The twill beige trousers also combines with very low or high boots, just a more elaborate production at the top, a black fine mesh, with a leather little jacket. Rocked!

Another idea for your twill beige pants is for the military – style jacket made ​​of denim or twill too. Use under a piece with print, and if you want, you can use low pipe boots. Well this modern look.


There was a time that flax reigned full and absolute when the event was a little more elegant. Beige linen trousers, despite making more success among men at the time, fell into the graces of women as well.

Use your beige pants always with heels or else pointed shoes that are very elegant. At the top, the one race in printed silk or black is show.

Another way to vary the use of beige linen pants is wearing a shirt and underneath the collar, wearing printed scarf you love.

And then? Some look pleased? Still think beige pants are ugly for women? Clothes in neutral colors always give very special look compositions options. The beige pants, whether tailoring, denim, linen, or silk, always will be fine as long as you know how to make the right combinations.

Take a chance on them and find out that beige is nothing masculine. It is only when men made for a man. And do not forget that many of them, and love is beautiful in a pale pink shirt.

Maternity Pants Trends Fall 2016

The trousers became part of the female wardrobe in the period of World War I, where women began to assume some activities that previously men did, since their husbands were in combat. Of course, this change has generated controversy and they had to face a real battle to win the right of fulfilled pants.

Coco Chanel in 1920, gave the start to the pants when time of popularity began in the female universe. Invested and innovated, they created a wide range of pants, which had comfort and freedom for movement and inspired by the sailors. It did not take stop turning big trend.

Today, the pants are one of the gifts and comfortable pieces in our outfit everyday and thanks to previous fights women are independent and have our rights to use the completed trousers of all designs, colors and fabrics imaginable.

Meet some of the bridgat pregnancy trousers that surround us today and are in trend. Enjoy choosing your favorite pants!

  • Flare

Emphasis on hip and an opening increases from the knee to the end of the bar.

You can bet on wider t-shirts. Place it inside the pants, this will give volume!

For plump, a good tip is to use a jacket or cardigan more fulfilled above and thus more value to the shape of your body, as this model emphasizes the hip.

And the incredibly low? Invest in high heels to lengthen your silhouette and in all kind of heels.

It features a more upright and masculine cut, giving the impression that it is not his so called “boyfriend” in English for this modeling.

Abusing more male parts is a trend, but it does not mean that your entire visual needs appear to have been stolen from a male wardrobe, is not it? So if you choose these pants, invest in women’s blouses.

The lower women should keep the heel and also take care to choose it in a closer shade of skin color this time.

As for the skinny girls you can abuse the lighter washes in part giving more volume to the look.

Chubs, keep the tip of the most accomplished cardigan that values ​​your body.

  • Skinny:

This is probably the wildcard part in most women’s wardrobe. It has a skinnier shape and fits to the body throughout its length.

Here the tip is basic: Balance! Just below, Larguinho above.

The rules already cited above for body types follow the same: skinny, deem volume. Chubs, larger coats not to increase hip and incredibly low, keep up the jump.

The darling of the female audience, the skinny pants fit completely to the body and bring a comfortable design. Moreover, even if presented with adverse prints making our hearts beat faster!

  1. Portuguese China- appears more in the traditional blue and white colors, and are quite stylish.
  2. Floral- No way in and out of season flowers, it is successful and here to stay. Their bright colors romanticize the look.
  3. Ethnic- major colors and geometric designs, refer indigenous tribes giving a “what” to craft pieces.
  4. Animal Print- Every day, we come across many looks patterned ounce, zebra , leopard, snake … And so on. It is the pattern most often used by the female audience to date.
  5. Chess- It appears in various formats and depending on your pattern can make her look a clubby style and grunge, or a more classic style.

The use of any part print, be sure to use the flat top not to overload the vision.

Student is suitable for the skinny, only different being in fabric composition. It has more stretch than the jeans, so it’s more comfortable.

The name comes from the junction and denim leggings and the result could not be better.

Chubs can avoid the lighter washes this time, the thin can add blouses to the list with prints which further help in volume and women with smaller stature can use parts like tones, giving a lanky effect.

  • Straight:

Cut equal the knee to the bar, a classic model that should be present in every wardrobe.

In this modeling, the tip is to use the lighter washes for the day and bet on dark pieces for the night. Moreover, just play.

After knowing some of the many models of shoes that the market offers for women and learn the tips, I believe you have your favorite. So assemble her look and parading through the streets full of style and feeling gorgeous!

What female pants model of fashion in 2016 you like most? Review!


Types of Maternity Dresses

If you are invited to an important Festival at night, either a graduation, a wedding or a christening, he has to choose a different gown for each event. If you are in search of dresses young, dresses fashion and models of dresses that really suit his personality, then don’t read the tips on how to choose a night dress and look spectacular.

Color. When choosing evening dress has to take into account an important factor: your complexion or skin color. For example; If you’re White leather dresses that favor you are bright colors such as yellows, reds, violets, roses, oranges, etc. For girls who have skin brunette, are recommended as black, dark blue, dark grey colours, etc.

Cutting. It is very important to feel super comfortable, why before buy evening dress, has to prove himself, walk with him, use with accessories that will be used and make sure that the Court will favor you correctly. If all absolutely convinced you: the long, the cleavage, the shape of the skirt, etc, have then found suitable maternity styles.

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How to Fold Sweaters in a Drawer

Storage doesn’t have time, if you have a thought of the kind I could clean up in my drawers sometime, grab the chance! You never know when that wholesaleably will return … and we both know that she is not as common.

I thought it was unfair to make two posts about purge (still don’t know what it is? I explain here and give tips here) and I don’t do it myself, so I thought, why not today? Here I am opening my drawers and tearing the place apart.

Cleaning My Drawers

As you can’t do it all at once, I chose “only” two drawers that neither gave me the urge to open, because something could come out jumping out of there. You know why they only came in quotation marks?

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Womens Gypsy Style Clothing

The Gypsies are by several countries. Its culture is ancient. And it’s not very common to find people with a gypsy look in the workplace in the malls or on the streets. When people are not fully Gypsy, it is not easy to find details that come from that style. Meet the female gypsy clothes!

Nomadic populations and ethnic minorities constitute in several countries because they are divided into different groups for different regions, they adopt styles with their own characteristics, but still there is a basis that we can identify them.

“In the fashion world there are summer blouses and famous dresses. You can find on the internet fashion from the 60s or so, fashion clothing trends for 2009, we can also find, quite easily, shops where you can buy a wide variety of gypsy skirts, scarves, bodices, belts with coins, smocks, necklaces, anklets, earrings, tambourines, castanets and many other items so you can without too much trouble buy everything you want to have complete gypsy clothing, with all the accessories you are entitled to. “ Continue reading

Today’s Release of Collection of Winter

Close your eyes for a minute and imagine yourself shopping in the city centre. What comes to your mind? I’m sure for many people the images are of massive crowd, traffic, congestion, lack of parking space and total stress! Isn’t that right? Now, what if you knew that there – in the central – there are nice shops, with super clothes trend, affordable, service note 10, parking space, spacious and cute decor, and even buildings with architecture full of history? Yes dear friends, that exists and is close to us! We know the customers. There are stores on the corner of Baron of Rio Branco and Rui Barbosa, in the Centre of Campo Grande (MS). Those who follow the blog for some time know what we’re talking about! Right off the bat we were fascinated with the facade and window shopping at the store, which is always impeccable, very well fitted and looks beautiful. So we thought: why not share this super “found” with our readers? Many times we avoid shopping in the city centre because of the movement and, especially, the lack of parking space. But the coolest thing is that the store has an agreement with a parking lot next to the store (entrance by Rui Barbosa), then makes life much easier for those who want to go there at the store. Continue reading

How to Make a Crochet Bikini

The Brazil is the country that consumes clothes of swimwear frequently in the world, so the customers have their eyes on the swimwear which are suitable for themselves best. For example,they have seen useful tips here on the website. The Brazil market already is making bikinis for more “plump” people with Plus Size fashion.

With so many choices on the market, a type of bikini that is being sought after is the crochet Bikini. Now for the summer of 2016, this type of bikini promises to be used frequently, so today let’s focus on posting this type of bikini, besides adding value to our artisans who do this kind of work, these kind of bikinis are beautiful.

In the market you will find various models with varying prices, you will find R$ real 45 models up to R$ 450 real models, so you will have a range of options for crochet bikini models. Continue reading