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The inscription “A healthy mind in a healthy body”, one could even see painted on the walls of many school gymnasiums. It was a sign that it was of the firm belief that sport was good — both for the body and for the exercise’s mental state. The phrase is a quotation from the Roman poet Juvenal (ca. year 65 to 135). He wrote that all the time of course in latin, and the quote sounded therefore: Anima Sana in Corpore Sano. You take initials in the quote, so it becomes the acronym Asics, and so it will be also the name of one of the world’s largest manufacturers of sports equipment. It corresponds well to the underlying philosophy behind the brand. At you will find a large selection of items from Asics, and of course there are delicious sportswear for both men, women and children. Of course we offer free shipping and Exchange as well as 30 days return.

There is research and development behind Asics

Mr. Kihachiro Onitsuka in 1949 started his company for athletic footwear Onitsuka co., Ltd. to produce basketball shoes in his living room in the town of Kobe in Japan. He chose the name Asics for his company in 1977 – just based on the above phrase, for it was his belief that the best way to a healthy and happy lifestyle, went through the best health and the best fitness – gained through bodily expressions. In 1990 opened the Research Institute of Sports Science Onitsuka in Kobe, where scientists, athletes and coaches are working closely together on constant developing brand. All with one goal: to put both professional and amateurs able to perform better, to reach a higher level and enjoy what they do. If you tried to implement the Hermitage course or a half marathon in a pair of regular shoes, so one would understand why there are no running shoes, such as the Asics Nimbus. A running shoe has for aim to relieve the runner and not least his or her feet and legs. This usually happens by, running shoe is specially sprung and especially in the heel, which takes against the toughest shock during a race. It can be by means of air cushions, or there may be hospitalized a thick layer of gel in the heel, which dampens the shock, as otherwise they would often be able to feel all the way up to the head.

ASICS Myth[1] products

The brand’s story started with athletic shoes, and athletic shoes are still the most well known and valued product from the company. ASICS running shoes are available in a myriad of flavors, for a running shoe is not just a running shoes! There are basically shoes for all recreational activities in the collection – Asics, Asics Kayano and håndboldsko Asics sneakers. Previously it was not particularly chic or trendy sport shoes, but it’s clearly been a change in recent years. It has a growing number of television transmissions of major sporting events contributed to, such as World Championships in all sports, as well as the Olympic Games. Everything from the brand is available in so many sizes, flavors and colors that there certainly is something for every taste and style. View the whole range here at


[1] Myth: ancient traditional story about gods

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